Our clients call Break From Reality Massage when they need a massage in the Cincinnati, OH area. Here is what some of them are saying:


Therese has got to be the greatest massage therapist of all time. Her massages are the only ones where I get the same benefits immediately afterwards as if I did a week long diet cleanse. I truly feel different afterwards, not only relaxed but my body feels healthier too. I feel the benefits of her massages for weeks afterwards.

Danielle C – Mainville, Ohio


We had been Therese’s clients at a chiropractor office in Mason for many years. She is a very gifted massage therapist who put us back on our feet, enabled us to work and function. I would tell her where the pain or numbness was and she knew exactly what to do to alleviate it. She deeply cares about her clients and is passionate about her work. She was always able to accommodate our busy schedules, even came to our house if we could not come to see her at the office. She is priceless!!!

Mariola and Darek – Mason, Ohio


  Therese Medzviega is a gifted massage therapist. I finished my massage training and advanced training from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA, in 1993. I had been looking for more than 15 years for a therapist as gifted as Therese when I found her in 2011. She has that rare combination of excellent palpation skills, thorough knowledge of anatomy and just as importantly kinesiology, and finely tuned kinesthetic intuitive skills. And, she is in the arena as a “go-to, fix-it” kind of therapist. Massage can be simply relaxing, which is important for all of us, and there are many good therapists out there that are good at that. Therese is much, much more. She has helped me totally recover from chronic soft tissue issues that have been both painful and compromising to my quality of life. Thank you, Therese.

Himavat Ishaya – The Sages Touch – Cincinnati, Ohio


  Therese is the first massage therapist who has offered to come to my house and that has made the massage experience even better for me. After a deep tissue massage I can often become dizzy and it is nice not to have to drive home but instead just plop down on the couch one room away. I feel very comfortable with Therese and even though I know I could tell her to use less or more pressure, I never have to because she somehow always seems to get it right. I can’t wait until my next massage with Therese in the privacy of my own home!

Missy – Cincinnati, Ohio


Therese is the best massage therapist I’ve ever used. I have recieved regular massages for at least 20 yrs and have used Therese for over a yr now. She really cares about healing  her clients and will always go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Break From Reality Massage to everyone.

Debbie – Symmes Township, Ohio

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